World Cup jersey

  • World Cup jersey

Everything around football and the players has been magnified and the jersey has been the focus of attention during the World Cup. The average spectator is more likely to appreciate the look like of the jersey than the professional players who focus on its functionality. Next, let me introduce you some jerseys about this 2018 World Cup. Although Russia is not the top team, but it is a regular visitor to the World Cup. It’s the 11th time to participate the World Cup before the fall of the Soviet Union. As a host this time, their jersey use bright red and white to decorate. It is simple and classic and the golden double-headed eagle national emblem on the chest emphasizes the national honer of Russia. “Selecao” is the nickname of the Brazil national team. Brazil has won the World Cup five times. Brazil is the team that has won the most World Cups and is the favorite this year. With yellow as the main color and green as the auxiliary color, the Brazilian team’s World Cup jerseys are energetic and quite bright. As the most talented team in this World Cup, France is also the favorite team to win the championship. The stars of France are Griezmann and Pogba. Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The highlight of their shirt is the red, yellow and blue diamond pattern on the right, which is in sharp contrast and very dynamic. This design represents speed and power.

Argentina were runners-up in the last World Cup, and although their recent performance were not good, but they also have received a lot of attention cause of their star Messi. Their jersey design is still the classic blue and white stripes. Their simple designs are popular with the public. Portugal may not be the favorite to win the World Cup, but as the winner of the last European championship, its strength should not be underestimated, and the leading star Cristiano Ronaldo is quite popular in China. The shirt design is still dominated by the unique red color of Portugal, the collar is decorated with green, and the LOGO and number of the brand sponsor are gold that highlighting the contemporary royal style. Uruguay is a traditional soccer powerhouse, with players Suarez for Barcelona and Cavani for greater Paris. The shirt is the only one in this World Cup with the pure sky blue as the main color. The shirt design is a sculpture of the sun of Atrantida, which is incorporated into the design in a fashionable and eye-catching way. This powerful symbol reflects the national pride of Uruguay and calls on fans and players to unite as one. Poland, which has qualified for the World Cup again after 12 years, has Bayern Munich striker andrei lewandowski. The inspiration for the design of the new jersey comes from the eagle in the badge. The design of the New Jersey is reflected in the diagonal pattern with a sense of speed and vitality on the chest, which symbolizes sharpness and speed.

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National shirts

  • Brazil jersey

    At the World Cup in Russia this year, the jerseys of many national teams have gained recognition from many fans. Nike has teamed up with the Brazilian soccer federation to produce home and away team jerseys for Brazil which using Nike’s latest materials and technology and adding a touch of Brazilian culture. Yellow has always been the main color of Brazil football shirt since 1954, but it is still the same this year which the color scheme is more vibrant that with a “samba gold” design. The bright yellow jersey that the player wear was impressed to the audience. The newly designed Brazil World Cup jerseys are more dynamic. Brazil’s away jerseys are dominated by blue and with a five-pointed star on its chest. It tells the story of two firsts in Brazilian football history which one was playing against hosts Sweden for the first time in a blue shirt in 1958 and the other was when Brazil became world champions for the first time. Brazil’sWorld Cup jerseys have a collar design that includes a map of the Brazilian flag. And surrounded by layers of radiation, the slogan “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed in the outer circle to showcase Brazilian culture. The shorts in the Brazilian jersey are designed without an external seam which reduces friction between the pants and the legs while playing football while increasing freedom of movement and making players more comfortable on the field. The jersey of Brazil team adopts the new Nike VaporKnit technology and is equipped with high-performance knitted fabric. Moreover, mesh holes are added to the chest and back to provide air permeability and increase the smart expression. Brazilians have a natural sense of rhythm and have an advantage in football. The Brazilian uniforms work so well with this rhythm that allowing Brazilian players to play better. Significance in order to make this kind of shirt, Nike designers fluctuation full time is in jersey colour, they take a color card to Sao Paulo, Brazil’s football museum, careful than found in Mexico in 1970 using the jerseys that matches the yellow, that is the world’s fans see in colour TV taking World Cup for the first time, also for the first time feel the magic of Brazil’s yellow. Like several other first tier sponsored national teams, the Brazilian national team 2018 home team player version is also an advanced Vapor Match player version featuring Vaporknit technology. Nike uses advanced knitting technology to make the fabric of the players’ jerseys very special, light and fit, and different functional areas are woven in different ways, and they are all connected together. Although there is no bright spot in the appearance design, but in the fabric details and wearing feeling, Nike very well completed their design original intention. As Nike’s director of advanced design for soccer Pete Hoppins says, the bright yellow shirts of the Brazilian players combined with their spectacular style of football really impressed audiences around the world, one of the most iconic moments in world soccer history. If neymar, koutinho, and firmino don’t wear yellow, green and blue at home, I’m afraid the fans around the world won’t agree. As one of the top three favourites in Russia at the World Cup, the home jersey of Brazil should not be missed.

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2018~2019 New Switzerland Home Football Kit

Puma Working with Switzerland Football Association launched the new shirt for the Switzerland national football team ahead of the 2018 Russia World Cup. The national team debuted at international tournament in 1905 and had their first participation in the World Cup in 1934, where they reached the quarter-finals after beating the Netherlands. The national team had reached quarter-final for three times and regretfully never got better. This time the team progressed from the group stage as the second place however failed to move further with the defeat to Sweden. Although they lost the game, they impressed fans with their red shirt as a group of players who never say give up.

The Switzerland national team’s traditional home kit comprises red shirt, white shorts and red socks, and away kit is a reverse of the home kit with white shirt, red shorts and white socks. Since the 1895, the establishment year of the national team, Switzerland is loyal to the same color code as tradition and homage to the national colors which are derived from the Swiss flag. The classic red and white is reminiscent of the scene when people wore the shirt and watched the players showing their style in the pitch for the first time.

Switzers have a hard tour in the World Cup and they prove themself as a competitive force in the pitch when they progress form the group stages where Brazil, Serbia and Costa Rica rivals for the places. Affected by the neighbors such as German, France and Italy, Switzerland national team has a complex football style. Generally, the team is willing to shows a strong control over middle and fore court with their high skills. They behave more aggressive and will impact the defence line more frequently than their rivals. That’s perhaps the secret of success helping them to go such further however this didn’t works again in the eighth finals. Swedish stops the progress of these ebullient man with a 1-0 victory.

The shirt features contour lines at the front which represents the famous Matterhorn. Matterhorn is a mountain of the Alps, standing at the borderline of the Switzerland and Italy. Its summit is 4478 meters high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe. This iconic peak will bring the courage to the players and encourage them to reach the peak of the 2018 World Cup.

At the front chest is listed Switzerland cross nation flag,PUMA and Switzerland football association logo. The other Switzerland cross is hided inside the collar. The words of Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera and Svizra, which are four language in widespread use by Swisses, forms the right part of the cross. This special detail puts emphasis on the cultural diversity of the nation.

The shirt feel soft and will work like your second skin to assist in moisture and temperature management. The textile will fit with the body’s action without any restraint to players in motion.

Although the team failed to win the laurel of the championship, their passion will left in the pitch to impress every fans and players.

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2018~2019 New Uruguay Home Football Kits

At the 2018 Russia World Cup, Uruguayans has sprinkled their sweat wearing brand new kits. The new kits were unveiled by PUMA and Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) jointly. The unique design describes that distinguished Sun of May (Sol de Mayo), aiming at the encouragement motivating the players on the World Cup pitch, the most prominent stage on the earth, to sparkle as fully as they can.

For expressing the ebullience and pride from the football fans and the country, “Sun of May” is integrated into the shirt design in a fashionable and conspicuous way. Carlos Paez Vilaró, a Uruguayan abstract artist, painter, potter, sculptor, muralist, writer, composer and constructor, has contributed to the inspiration of the pattern. Intense national pride is aroused by this emblematic pattern which is able to unite the Uruguayans on or off the pitch and enchant them with bravery and power to bring rivals to their knees.

The shirt is predominantly sky blue which is always a traditional option for Uruguayans. The pure shade reminds spectators of the two spectacular moments — the national team holding up the trophy in 1930 and 1950 World Cup respectively. Uruguay is the first host who holds the inaugural World Cup tournament and has a monumental moment. After the inauguration, Uruguay had not participated in the World Cup until two decades later. They come back to the pitch with a remarkable triumph in 1950. These twice victory earns them two stars on the crest.

New designed crest is embroidered at the right chest. It consists of the 4 golden stars and AUF emblem. Besides the two earned from World Cup, the other two stars are awarded when the team won gold medals in 1924 and 1928 respectively of Olympic football tournament which is regarded as the precursor of the World Cup. The Uruguayan Football Association is the governing body of football in Uruguay and of course is in charge of the Uruguay national football team. Therefore, the budget of the association appears on the national team’ shirts.

The new design contains some exquisite details. Nine stripes consisting of alternating five white and four blue stripes which derives from the national flag are placed at the back of the collar. The  stripes on the flag represent the nine original departments of Uruguay. “La Celeste”, the nickname the Uruguay is famous for, is sewed inside the cuff. A sentence ”#ELEQUIPOQUENOSUNE ” which means “this team unites us” appears at the lower hem.

New Football kits are equipped with the evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology. This technology builds a system to enhance dehumidification and cool down the body automatically with high efficiency, keeping the players in an optima in the pitch. Seamless textile will fit the body perfectly and has enough flexibility, offering an impeccable comfort to players in motion.

Specific heat radiation are designed as a channel to regulate shell temperature. Technology of Dry Cell can manage the moisture absorbed by fabric, wick the sweat away from the skin and keep the body in a dry condition.

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2018~2019 New Croatia Home Football Kits

The Croatian National Football Team will have their fifth journey to World Cup this summer in new home and away kits that honor the country’s heritage.

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea. Its capital Zagreb forms one of the country’s primary subdivisions, along with twenty counties. Croatia has an area of 56,594 square kilometres and a population of 4.28 million, most of whom are Roman Catholics. The country declared independence on 25 June 1991.

Croatia has represented itself as an independent nation since 1993, when the team was officially recognised by both FIFA and UEFA following dissolution from Yugoslavia. The modern-day team has played competitive matches since 1994, starting with a successful qualifying campaign for the 1996 European Championships.

This team is a juvenile on World Cup pitch. In 1998, they competed in their first FIFA World Cup, finishing 3rd and providing the tournament’s top scorer, Davor Šuker. Exactly twenty years later, under their second golden generation, Croatia reached the 2018 World Cup Final, securing second place after losing to France. Captain Luka Modrić was awarded best player of the tournament for his performances, thus making him the first ever Croatian player to win the award.

In 2018, they are still wear their recognizable kit revealed by Nike. Croatia is famous for its iconic  shirts covered by red and white checks. The check pattern and the colors derive from the national flag, which has red, white and blue stripes and a shield with red and white checks of Croatia. The check is always a emblem of the Croatian, representing their peace, bravery and strength. This time the designer gift a delicate change to the tradition. New jersey has much bigger checks and the check on this one have blurred edges, which add a modern speed aesthetic to the tradition pattern. The huge pattern encourages the player to be more confident and proud.

Few modern kit would has such a particularity as identified as those checks. “For a football connoisseur, Croatia are one of the most visual and alluring teams playing the beautiful game today,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “Croatians are also deeply proud of their heritage. This comes through in the checkered shirts, which are inspired by the national flag and viewed with envy by fans from other countries.”

Of course, only a shirt or a pattern does not has enough power to earn a worldwide reputation for such a young team on international stage. Croatia’s regular triumph, including that unbelievable third-place when they debut in 98 World Cup, have helped form a strong team identity — one that, regardless of the nation’s small size and modest resources, is both respected and feared by opponents. Davor Šuker, a figurehead of Croatia’s golden generation of the 90s and current president of the Croatian Football Association, sums it up neatly: “The charm of football is that a small nation can beat a major one.”

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2018~2019 New Argentina Away Football Kit

The top tier athletic equipment manufacturer Puma had released several national team away football shirt. Same color of white dominates these shirts while various ornaments such as emblems flags and motifs distinguish the different shirt. The players will wear these new designed jersey to embrace the matches of World Cup.

“When the national team cooperating with us step into the pitch, they are backed by the power from whole country. Ebullient players are aware of that they are fighting for the nation pride and endeavoring to win the honor for the teams that their crest embroider at the chest represents. This simple design is expected to eliminate all negative voice and disadvantageous factors existing among the team, players and spectators . We want everyone to celebrate the events out of their original impulse which is for the crest, for the flag and for the fans.” says by Puma TEAMSPORT chief creative director Stefano Favaro.

The distinctive ornaments derive from emblematic elements of the nation, which ensures that every shirt is recognizable with a conciseness aesthetics. At both side of the chest of the new shirt, FIGC crest with four stars and Puma logo are used to decorate the shirt respectively, which appear on the shoulders as well. Blue occupies the collar and cuffs. With the miniature of the Italy national flag, the shirt brims the national honor and emphasizes the importance of Gli Azzurri (The Blues). Two blue stripes encircle the collar, bringing modern style to the whole shirt. Micro-sized national flag can be seen at the back of neck as well.

New kit is equipped with the evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology. This technology builds a system to enhance dehumidification and cool down the body automatically with high efficiency, keeping the players in an optima in the pitch. Seamless textile will fit the body perfectly and has enough flexibility, offering an impeccable comfort to players in motion.

Visible meshes cover the chest, shoulders, oxter and top back where the skin is easily sudoriferous. These meshes constitute specific heat radiation system which is designed as a measure to regulate shell temperature. Technology of Dry Cell can discharge the moisture absorbed by fabric, wick the sweat away from the skin and keep the body in a dry condition.

Italy’s absence to the world cup is really a regret to all the prominent players in the team such as Gianluigi Buffon,Emerson Palmieri and Giorgio Chiellini.

Giorgio Chiellini is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a defender and captains for both Italian club Juventus and the Italy national team. A physically strong, aggressive, and versatile defender, although he is usually deployed as a centre-back, he is also capable of playing as a left-back, both in a three or four-man defence. Chiellini is considered to be one of the footballing world’s top defenders.

With Juventus, he has won seven consecutive Serie A titles from 2012 to 2018, as well as four consecutive Coppa Italia titles, and three Supercoppa Italiana titles.He made his international debut for Italy in 2004, and currently has a total of 97 caps making him Italy’s eighth-highest appearance holder. He was selected in the nation’s squads for the 2004 Olympics, winning a bronze medal, as well as for three UEFA European Championships, two FIFA World Cups and two FIFA Confederations Cups, helping the Azzurri to reach the final of UEFA Euro 2012 and achieve a third-place finish at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

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2018~19 New Argentina Home Football Kit

On November 6, 2017, Adidas revealed New Argentina home kit, which we would see on the pitch of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

The shirt has the white base with three distinctive wide vertical blue stripes on it. This classic color match of white and light blue, deriving from Argentina national flag, debuts in August 1908. Since then, it always shows as a home color of Argentina in international tournaments. Nevertheless, Argentina wore other uniforms a few times.

The design, inspired by the typical suit style of Argentina back in the 90s, is combined with the new technology and innovation. As a new 21-century product inherited convention from the history, the jersey celebrates the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director said, “Adidas has created so many products, innovations and looks through the decades which became true icons in the soccer world. We want to celebrate those icons in the world of today.” The fans have the same appeal that they can be identified by some historic symbols but meanwhile, the latest innovation and technologies are expected to be applied. Adidas with its abundant experience in the designing kit has successfully brought the needs for the players and fans together and suited the kit for the stadium and the streets.

The new shirt is similar to that famous shirts wore in 1993 Copa América. Three light blue vertical strips are distributed averagely at both front and back. Ribbed V neck and white short sleeves pay homage to the orthodox design. Classic Adidas three stripes lie on both sides of shoulders, which cooperates with the logo at the right chest shows the firm support from the Adidas. This shirt replicates the iconic component while creating a fresh new look.

At the year of the 125 anniversary of AFA, the new football kits salute to this historic moment by enchanting blue stripes with a pixelated effect that incorporates the laurels of the AFA crest, which adds creative elements to its reminiscence. Besides that, at the bottom corner, a graphic laurel and Number 125 can be found printed on the shirt.

At the left on the chest is the crest. This crest is a variation of the Argentine Football Association with slightly modified. Original laurel vert is recolored to gold in order to be harmonious with the background color of the crest. The classic red-white stripe can be found at the top of the crest, showing the players’ proud, respect and also national identity to their motherland.

The shirt is tailored according to the ergonomics to endure any drastically action without restraint to the body flexibility ensuring the comfort when players are running and jumping. And it is made of soft fabric that channels moisture away from your surface. A dry condition plays an important role in protection to the skin from the hurt caused by rubbing against the clothes.

New jersey is a combination of tradition and innovation, science and craft. It can be a great choice for fans to wear it when cheering for every Argentinean goal.

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England 2014 World Cup Shirt

Football fans must know the big five football leagues in Europe: Premier League, Serie A Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1.

The Premier League released a brand new logo in February 2016 and it was used from the 2016-17 season. Together with a design company DesignStudio and a consulting firm Robin Brand Consultants, the new logo of the Premier League was redesigned boldly, including the classic “lion”. It follows the tradition to make the lion as the main part of the logo, and at the same time, it is given more modern elements to facilitate the flexible use in digital and television platforms.

“The league will no longer have a sponsor title next season, and the name of the league is the Premier League, which also gives us an opportunity to think about how we can show ourselves as an organization and a sporting event.” said Richard Masters, the league’s managing director, “We are satisfied with the new logo. It continues the tradition and is stylish and more flexible. We believe that the newly released logo is to pay tribute to all people who work for the Premier League.”

When it comes to the United Kingdom, it is the birthplace of modern football. There are four national teams that can compete in the FIFA World Cup, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The badge of England national team includes three lions, symbolizing courage, power and pride. The words “lion” and “lion heart” are usually used to describe the English players by English newspaper. These players are known for their integrity and bravery on football pitches.

To provide the most comfortable match jerseys for the mighty football team, designers of Nike try their best to create innovative technologies and breathable fabric.

The England 2014 home shirt was unveiled jointly by Nike and England national team. It is a shirt that shows the profound culture and history of the team.

“It is our glory to design jerseys for the country,” said Martin Lotti, global creative director of Nike. “We hope to pay tribute to the great victories in the history of English football through the jersey.”

The white home jersey features a modern V-neck collar. The white satin stripes on shoulders bring a unique look to the jersey. “In design process of the home jersey, we were inspired by the pure white jersey worn by England national players in the 1970 Mexico World Cup and the armor of the English knight,” said Lotti. “The thin stripes on shoulders symbolize the lustre of the armor.”

Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat form skin quickly so players are able to focus on game and play well.

There is also a satin stripe on both sides of the white shorts. Classic cutting makes the kit fit well and feel great. Besides, the home socks are white, too.

An English player Wayne Rooney said: “Wearing several England football shirts makes me proud. I can’t wait to put on the new jersey to play games this summer in Brazil.”

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Cheap Brazil Third Football Shirt 2017 Neymar JR

As everyone knows, Brazil is a country of football. Brazil football is the mainstream of Brazilian life, which is not only a sport but also a rich culture. When there is the league or major domestic and international competitions, Brazilians often go to watch matches at a stadium and the stadium will become crowded. Almost everyone in Brazil is a football fan. Brazilians like telling a joke that if a man doesn’t know football, he will not have more enthusiastic supporters and be the president of Brazil. They think that football should be ranked the lists of World Heritage Sites. People play football on the beach or in the streets, Even in the slums, kids from poor families also kick their socks full of paper.

Brazil national team is the most successful team in the history of FIFA World Cup. It has won five titles of World Cup. Additionally, the mighty squad also has won FIFA Confederations Cup four times and Copa América eight times. Needless to say, this is an outstanding team.

The team undoubtedly owns lots of preeminent players. As football’s greatest talent since Pele, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr, is the captain of the Brazil national team although he is young who was born on 5 February, 1992. Neymar was named South American Footballer of the Year and got the FIFA Puskás Award at the age of 19. He helped his national team win the gold medal of 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, which was the first time that the team had got the medal. He played for Santos Futebol Clube and Barcelona. At present, Neymar is playing for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club(PSG) as a forward.

There is a third football match jersey designed for Brazil national team. The jersey was designed and manufactured by Nike, a giant global brand. It was worn for the first time by Ronaldo in an activity of “Air Max Day”, which was the official debut of the third shirt.

The new third jersey is predominately dark green, while the sleeves are slightly darker, symbolizing the country full of natural landscape and nightlife and entertainment. And, of course, this is not the first time that dark green appeared in the Brazil national team shirts. In 2014, Nike designed dark green jerseys for the national team.

It features a simple V-neck design that provides a snug yet nonrestrictive fit. “Brasil” is printed at the back of the collar. The badge of Brazil Football Association and Nike Swoosh are embroidered in gold and eye-catching. Woven stars above the badge represent the country’s success on the international stage.

Nike Dri-FIT fabric wicks sweat to keep players dry when they are in motion. What’s more, the shirt is made by 100% polyester reducing the impact on environment and showing Nike’s environmental awareness.

The third shirt for Neymar is printed with his name and number. It is available at Cheap Football Shirts Replica. High-quality and comfortable football shirts are provided for every passionate fan. You can also receive the best service.

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2016-17 Finland Home Football Shirt

As the manufacturer of the Finish national football team, Adidas produced a pristine 2016-17 home football shirt for all football fans, who could put on the stylish white football shirt for all home fixtures throughout the whole season. You can place your order on the website with confidence, because we are online outlet supported by manufacturer. If you are a die-hard football fan of the Finish national football team, the predominately white home football shirt will be a perfect football shirt for you to show your supports to your favorite football team.

The brand new home football shirt is processed by the Dri-FIT technology, improving the comfort of the white shirt and facilitating the evaporation of perspiration. In addition to the predominately white area of the new home football shirt, the shirt is also adorned with some royal blue details. The royal blue stands for the national traditional colors. The short-sleeved white replica official shirt is stitched with two royal blue stripes on both sides. The pure simplicity of the soccer jersey leaves a fashionable clean impression to most of the die-hard fan. The piping around the collar is blue as the panels extend to the bottom of the side, aiming to allow the flowing of more air.

Nike also has combined their Dri-FIT technology with the 100% polyester, helping footballers to exclude interference as you running on sports fields. The advanced technology is benefit to wicking and evaporating perspiration out of the surface of skin.

2016-17 Norway Home Football Shirt

As a new addition to the online store, the 2016-17 Norway home football shirt will be worn for friendly football matches in the 2016-17 season and for the first round of FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifications. The football shirt is a perfect jersey to show your supports to the Norway national football team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Due to the limit stock of the store, we hope most die-hard football fans could get the shirt ahead of selling out. Nike has become the official manufacturer of of Norway national football team since 2015.

Our products are supplied by local manufacturer directly to provide the most cost-effective football shirts for all customers. Following the traditional color scheme and previous style, red is taken as the main color of the Norway home football shirt. As the classic color of the Norway side, the red with blue and white accents have been used in most home jerseys, creating a striking and stylish soccer jersey for all football fans. The most simplistic clean jersey is adorned by blue stripes running down from armpits to bottom. In addition, the back collar of the home jersey is around by a blue stripe. The white Nike Swoosh and yellow and red club crest are stitched on right chest and left chest respectively.

The Raglan sleeves take the place of traditional seems on shoulder panels. The side inserts and ribbed collar contribute to both comfort and durability on the football pitch.

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