England 2014 World Cup Shirt

Football fans must know the big five football leagues in Europe: Premier League, Serie A Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1.

The Premier League released a brand new logo in February 2016 and it was used from the 2016-17 season. Together with a design company DesignStudio and a consulting firm Robin Brand Consultants, the new logo of the Premier League was redesigned boldly, including the classic “lion”. It follows the tradition to make the lion as the main part of the logo, and at the same time, it is given more modern elements to facilitate the flexible use in digital and television platforms.

“The league will no longer have a sponsor title next season, and the name of the league is the Premier League, which also gives us an opportunity to think about how we can show ourselves as an organization and a sporting event.” said Richard Masters, the league’s managing director, “We are satisfied with the new logo. It continues the tradition and is stylish and more flexible. We believe that the newly released logo is to pay tribute to all people who work for the Premier League.”

When it comes to the United Kingdom, it is the birthplace of modern football. There are four national teams that can compete in the FIFA World Cup, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The badge of England national team includes three lions, symbolizing courage, power and pride. The words “lion” and “lion heart” are usually used to describe the English players by English newspaper. These players are known for their integrity and bravery on football pitches.

To provide the most comfortable match jerseys for the mighty football team, designers of Nike try their best to create innovative technologies and breathable fabric.

The England 2014 home shirt was unveiled jointly by Nike and England national team. It is a shirt that shows the profound culture and history of the team.

“It is our glory to design jerseys for the country,” said Martin Lotti, global creative director of Nike. “We hope to pay tribute to the great victories in the history of English football through the jersey.”

The white home jersey features a modern V-neck collar. The white satin stripes on shoulders bring a unique look to the jersey. “In design process of the home jersey, we were inspired by the pure white jersey worn by England national players in the 1970 Mexico World Cup and the armor of the English knight,” said Lotti. “The thin stripes on shoulders symbolize the lustre of the armor.”

Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat form skin quickly so players are able to focus on game and play well.

There is also a satin stripe on both sides of the white shorts. Classic cutting makes the kit fit well and feel great. Besides, the home socks are white, too.

An English player Wayne Rooney said: “Wearing several England football shirts makes me proud. I can’t wait to put on the new jersey to play games this summer in Brazil.”

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