Great United States 2017 Football Shirt Gold Cup

United States Football Shirt Gold Cup 2017 was jointly released by Nike and United States Soccer Federation(USSF) for North America and the Caribbean Gold Cup in 2017. The football shirt is full of the most well-known American elements in order to show the style, determination, power and confidence of the national football team.

The shirt is adorned with horizontal red and navy blue stripes and full of five-pointed stars which are one of the most important national elements. The obsidian blue sleeves have also white five-pointed stars from shoulder to cuff. As previous design, the shirt has the word “USA” printed on the back of the collar. The words “1 Nation” and “1 Team” are separately sewn on the insides of the left and right sleeves. There are indispensable logos shown on the chest. One is Nike swoosh for easy brand recognition. Another is the national team badge paying homage to the nation.

AeroSwift, the most advanced technology of Nike, is used to make this shirt. Therefore, the shirt is lighter and more elastic compared to previous shirts. In addition, each Nike kit is made from new high-performance yarn to make sweat rate increase by 20% and drying rate increase by 25%. What’s more, permeability, flexibility and comfort have been improved because of the new weaving technique that combines single and double weave.

Nike’s environmental awareness is reflected in United States football shirts. They manufacture these shirts with nearly 16 recycled plastic bottles, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and the impact on environment.

“At Nike, we believe it is not enough to adapt to what the future may bring; we are creating the future. We want to see through sustainable innovation.” says Mark Parker, the president and CEO of Nike.

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The newly released shirt would debut in a match against Ghana national team on July 1, 2017. Players of United States national team would try their best to win the champion.

The national team won totally five titles of Gold Cup and was runner-up in 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. There are lots of football legends who played for the team.

Landon Donovan can represent American football. He was a striker playing for the national team and played matches in four World Cups. Donovan got the U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year award five times in his football career. Besides, he got FIFA’s Best Young Player award, the CONCACAF Gold Cup MVP and was selected as the player of the Gold Cup Best XI four times.

Those who follow the US national team must know Michael Bradley. He is the core player of the team. When he was young, he liked playing football because of his father Bob Bradley, the former coach of the national team. He covered most distance(23.6 miles) than any other player in World Cup group play. As a midfielder, he has the ability to think his way during a game. He rarely gets emotional and always keeps calm on fields, keeping everything to calculated decisions.

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