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    At the World Cup in Russia this year, the jerseys of many national teams have gained recognition from many fans. Nike has teamed up with the Brazilian soccer federation to produce home and away team jerseys for Brazil which using Nike’s latest materials and technology and adding a touch of Brazilian culture. Yellow has always been the main color of Brazil football shirt since 1954, but it is still the same this year which the color scheme is more vibrant that with a “samba gold” design. The bright yellow jersey that the player wear was impressed to the audience. The newly designed Brazil World Cup jerseys are more dynamic. Brazil’s away jerseys are dominated by blue and with a five-pointed star on its chest. It tells the story of two firsts in Brazilian football history which one was playing against hosts Sweden for the first time in a blue shirt in 1958 and the other was when Brazil became world champions for the first time. Brazil’sWorld Cup jerseys have a collar design that includes a map of the Brazilian flag. And surrounded by layers of radiation, the slogan “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed in the outer circle to showcase Brazilian culture. The shorts in the Brazilian jersey are designed without an external seam which reduces friction between the pants and the legs while playing football while increasing freedom of movement and making players more comfortable on the field. The jersey of Brazil team adopts the new Nike VaporKnit technology and is equipped with high-performance knitted fabric. Moreover, mesh holes are added to the chest and back to provide air permeability and increase the smart expression. Brazilians have a natural sense of rhythm and have an advantage in football. The Brazilian uniforms work so well with this rhythm that allowing Brazilian players to play better. Significance in order to make this kind of shirt, Nike designers fluctuation full time is in jersey colour, they take a color card to Sao Paulo, Brazil’s football museum, careful than found in Mexico in 1970 using the jerseys that matches the yellow, that is the world’s fans see in colour TV taking World Cup for the first time, also for the first time feel the magic of Brazil’s yellow. Like several other first tier sponsored national teams, the Brazilian national team 2018 home team player version is also an advanced Vapor Match player version featuring Vaporknit technology. Nike uses advanced knitting technology to make the fabric of the players’ jerseys very special, light and fit, and different functional areas are woven in different ways, and they are all connected together. Although there is no bright spot in the appearance design, but in the fabric details and wearing feeling, Nike very well completed their design original intention. As Nike’s director of advanced design for soccer Pete Hoppins says, the bright yellow shirts of the Brazilian players combined with their spectacular style of football really impressed audiences around the world, one of the most iconic moments in world soccer history. If neymar, koutinho, and firmino don’t wear yellow, green and blue at home, I’m afraid the fans around the world won’t agree. As one of the top three favourites in Russia at the World Cup, the home jersey of Brazil should not be missed.

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