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  • World Cup jersey

Everything around football and the players has been magnified and the jersey has been the focus of attention during the World Cup. The average spectator is more likely to appreciate the look like of the jersey than the professional players who focus on its functionality. Next, let me introduce you some jerseys about this 2018 World Cup. Although Russia is not the top team, but it is a regular visitor to the World Cup. It’s the 11th time to participate the World Cup before the fall of the Soviet Union. As a host this time, their jersey use bright red and white to decorate. It is simple and classic and the golden double-headed eagle national emblem on the chest emphasizes the national honer of Russia. “Selecao” is the nickname of the Brazil national team. Brazil has won the World Cup five times. Brazil is the team that has won the most World Cups and is the favorite this year. With yellow as the main color and green as the auxiliary color, the Brazilian team’s World Cup jerseys are energetic and quite bright. As the most talented team in this World Cup, France is also the favorite team to win the championship. The stars of France are Griezmann and Pogba. Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The highlight of their shirt is the red, yellow and blue diamond pattern on the right, which is in sharp contrast and very dynamic. This design represents speed and power.

Argentina were runners-up in the last World Cup, and although their recent performance were not good, but they also have received a lot of attention cause of their star Messi. Their jersey design is still the classic blue and white stripes. Their simple designs are popular with the public. Portugal may not be the favorite to win the World Cup, but as the winner of the last European championship, its strength should not be underestimated, and the leading star Cristiano Ronaldo is quite popular in China. The shirt design is still dominated by the unique red color of Portugal, the collar is decorated with green, and the LOGO and number of the brand sponsor are gold that highlighting the contemporary royal style. Uruguay is a traditional soccer powerhouse, with players Suarez for Barcelona and Cavani for greater Paris. The shirt is the only one in this World Cup with the pure sky blue as the main color. The shirt design is a sculpture of the sun of Atrantida, which is incorporated into the design in a fashionable and eye-catching way. This powerful symbol reflects the national pride of Uruguay and calls on fans and players to unite as one. Poland, which has qualified for the World Cup again after 12 years, has Bayern Munich striker andrei lewandowski. The inspiration for the design of the new jersey comes from the eagle in the badge. The design of the New Jersey is reflected in the diagonal pattern with a sense of speed and vitality on the chest, which symbolizes sharpness and speed.

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